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Make Money Selling Your Products on Clickbank – Selling Products Online Series

Make Money Selling Your Products on Clickbank - Selling Products Online Series

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Many of us want to make money at home. We’re tired of going to work for a boss, tired of being bossed around, tired of not earning enough and working very long hours for no reward.

To make things worse the economy currently is not in a great place and many of us don’t have a job.

For many people their dream is to stay at home and use their computer to make an income.

One way of doing this is through selling goods on the internet; either your own or someone else’s.

One way of selling things is with the help of a platform called: ‘Clickbank.’

But, what is Clickbank exactly?

Clickbank is a marketplace that sells only digital products.

In other words, products that can be downloaded onto your computer immediately. No waiting, instant purchase. Many of these products are written but video products are becoming more popular and often audio is used as well. Prices of the products vary from only $7 to over $200, although most are in the price range $37- $67.

There are 2 main ways, the book tells us, of making money from Clickbank. One is to create your own products, this is known as being a vendor. The other way is to sell other people’s products, this is known as being an affiliate.

You can make a great deal of money either way.

If you choose to create a product then it can be written, done as a video program or via audio. You can of course pay someone to do it for you but this can be expensive.

The main advantage of creating your own product is that you can, if it’s good, recruit an army of affiliates to sell it for you. Leveraging a product like this , can make you a lot of money.

If you create your own product Clickbank will approve it, to see if it’s good enough to go on their marketplace. It costs $49.95 for this and Clickbank also charge 7% of the cost of each product you sell.

If you become an affiliate you can still make a lot of money. It’s free to join Clickbank and you can choose from thousands of products to promote.

Clickbank sells products in lots of different niches. You can promote products on subjects from dieting to boils , from marketing to divorce. They also sell software.

You need to decide which product you want to promote. Go for something which you’re interested in, which pays well and which sells well.

To promote your product you need to become familiar with marketing. This may sound daunting but there are lots of different ways. You can create a blog with product reviews, you can use Facebook or Twitter or any of the hundreds of Social Media sites available, you can use email to send messages or you can pay for advertisements.

Clickbank, as the book states, is probably the easiest way to get started in making money on the internet.


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